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Photo Guidelines

Get your pup or kitty ready for a photo shoot! Wondertails requires full body photo uploads of your furry friend. For the best results, please follow these photo guidelines:

  • Snap a full body picture of your pet. Head, shoulders, knees and paws.
  • Ensure your pet is facing forward. 
  • They should be looking at the camera or slightly to the side for the best result.
  • Take the picture as close to eye level as possible. We cannot accept overhead angles.
  • Make sure to get all of your pet in the frame.
  • Get your pet while they are sitting forward. This will ensure a great product. We will not be able to use photos of animals while they are laying down.
  • Remove any leashes and/or accessories from your pet.
  • Take your pet photo in good lighting.
  • Please ensure your photo is high quality and not blurry. The sharper the picture the better your art will look!

         Click here for examples of photos we used for our site.


         *Our artists cannot modify your pet beyond the original image. Any collars, leashes, shadows or accessories that are visible, will be added into the illustration. Please note: our printers use cmyk color mode as a opposed to rgb. Meaning, some colors will look dimmer than what is seen on screen. But rest assured, we have put a lot of time in getting all the colors to work well with each other.

           Our design team does amazing work and we'll ensure you receive a great product, but please follow these guidelines. If you have any questions, please send an email to If we feel your photo does not meet these requirements, we will reach out via email to obtain a new photo.