Photo Guidelines

✨We highly recommend following these photo guidelines to ensure that there are no hiccups in creating your portrait. In the event we feel the uploaded photo(s) do not meet the requirements, we will reach out via email to aquire new images. We want to create the most amazing illustration for you and it all starts with a great photo! Please review guidelines below:

If your unsure about the photo(s) you want to use, feel free to email them at and we'll give them a look over.

- High quality photos

Uploading high quality photos really help with the details we have to work with. We need to be able to zoom into the image and if the photo becomes too pixelated when enlarged, details that make up your pet's adorableness, will be lost. Please ensure your photo(s) are not blurry.

- Good Lighting

This also helps with the details and getting the true color of your pet right. Taking a picture of your pet outside during the day is ideal but this isn't the case for many of our orders. That's okay! Just be aware of shadows and over exposure in your photos.

- Distance

We'll need a close up photo of your furry friend. We need to be able to see your pet's chest and up without their ears being out of frame.

- Positioning

We require your pet to be in the sitting position. Make sure you are eye level with your pet. Images where your pet is laying down or overhead angles are not accepted and we'll ask you for a new photo.

- Accessories

If your pet is wearing a collar, leash, sunglasses, outfits or any other accessories, these will be added into the final illustration by default. You may choose to have them removed during the preview process.